Medical care. This is a tough one. I'm gonna do my best to add clinics that are going to be the most convenient for you to access. That being said, I don't have any personal experiences with some of the groups I'm going to add, and some of them I've gotten mixed reviews for. If I get enough negative feedback I'll remove them from the site. Some of the groups I'm adding are awesome though, and if I have personal experience with them I'll give my opinion in a note. This page will most definitely evolve over time. 

ACCESS Sterling Heights and Dearborn

“ACCESS provides Primary Care/Family Medicine, MAT services including but not limited to Suboxone and Vivitrol, Hepatitis C and HIV testing and treatment, sexually transmitted infection testing and treatment and abscess and/or wound care. Our providers can assist in providing referrals for specialists if necessary. Our caseworkers can assist with locating other resources such as food, clothing, SUD treatment facilities, behavioral health services, health insurance navigation and other necessary resources.  Our clinic also offers a food pantry once a week to help ensure our patients and the community have access to their next meal.”

ACCESS Medical Center accepts most Medicare, Medicaid, and Private health insurance plans. If you don’t have insurance they’ll help you set it up. For uninsured patients, charges are based on a sliding fee schedule.  


4301 E 14 Mile Rd, Sterling Heights MI 48310

6450 Maple St. Dearborn MI 48126


Probably the best way to get services through ACCESS is to call the Sterling Heights Clinic and ask to speak with someone from the SSP program so you can get connected to them first. Then they can help connect you to care.

(586) 722-6036

Note: OK first off the ACCESS clinic mentioned here is NOT the same “access” that you use to set up treatment. They’re two completely different agencies. I Just wanted to clarify because it understandably causes confusion. Second, ACCESS in my opinion is the number one best clinic for someone who uses drugs. They’re punctual, the waiting room is super chill, and they have an SSP program in the Sterling Heights clinic. ( They’re working on opening an SSP in Dearborn too but not quite there yet ) So basically you can see a doctor, not have to hide your drug use, leave with supplies, and if in the future you want suboxone, treatment, HIV/HCV treatment they can help you with that and so much more. If you’re in Macomb county or the east side of Detroit connect with them ASAP. You won’t regret it.

Street Medicine Detroit and Detroit Street Care

Street Medicine Detroit and Detroit Street Care are medical student run Street Medicine groups from Wayne State University School of Medicine and Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine respectively. They provide free, direct medical and outreach care to people experiencing homelessness through street runs and shelter-based clinics multiple times a week. They can provide medications (both acute-based and long term), wound care, and diagnostics. Outreach supplies often include lunches, hygiene kits, socks and clothing. Additionally they can distribute safer use supplies through a partnership with the Wayne Mobile Health Unit SSP.


They’re mostly in the downtown Detroit area, but I’ve known them to go out to 8 and Woodward and a few other neighborhoods. Call ahead to see if they can meet you.


Street Medicine Detroit: (313)434-6492 [email protected]

Detroit Street Care: [email protected]


Random. Call or email to see when they'll be out. 

Note: I have a fair amount of interaction with SMD and DSC and they're both really great. Super nonjudgmental and always treat our people really well. Knowing them gives me some optimism for the future of medical care in this country. If you can, get to know them. 

Team Wellness Center

“Team Wellness Center is dedicated to enhancing the well-being of individuals by providing an array of comprehensive behavioral and physical health services in a trauma informed environment that promotes quality of life, continuous improvement, social awareness and healing.” Services include primary care, dental, behavioral health, peer support, suboxone clinic, and shower and laundry facilities.


Eastern Market - 2925 Russell Street Detroit MI 48207

Team East - 3646 Mt. Elliott Detroit MI, 48207


Eastern Market - Mon through Fri, 8AM until 6PM.


(313) 396-5300

Crisis line: (888) 813-TEAM (8326)

Street Outreach Teams

The people who run SOT have been providing free medical care in Detroit for a decade. Their specialty is people who are rough sleeping, which includes people in tents, cars, abandos, dope spots, and motels within the city of Detroit. They do a lot of wound care, and STI treatment, but they can do pretty much everything you could get done in an urgent care. They're out all day on Tuesday, and their team generally is made up of nurses, nursing students, and ER doctors from various metro Detroit hospitals. If you need to see them text or leave a message Monday night or Tuesday morning and they'll return your call Tuesday. 

Location: Detroit

Contact: Text the Harm Reduction Detroit phone number and I'll relay it to SOT. (313) 704-7263

Note: I have a lot of interaction with this group and they're amazing. Only downside is they're only around one day a week. But if you're living in a tent, car, abando, and doing what they refer to as "rough sleeping" they're gonna make you their priority. They're especially good with foot care, wound care, and STI treatment. 

Dynamic Healthcare

Dynamic Healthcare is a primary care office that specializes in outpatient addiction treatment. They offer treatment for substance use disorders using buprenorphine (Suboxone, Zubsolv, Sublocade) and naltrexone (Vivitrol) in addition to managing general medical concerns, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, anxiety, and more.

Location: 33464 Schoenherr Rd Suite 160 Sterling Heights MI 48312

Hours: Monday - Thursday 8AM to 5PM, Friday 8AM to 12PM. Call to schedule an appointment. 

Contact: (586) 585-6500

Note: I haven't been to their clinic but Katie and Calli are great and they have a real passion for what they do. If you go see them I'm sure you'll have a good experience.